Monday, December 8, 2008

14 Days of Twitter Part Two: “I Love Twitter”

This is the second post about my recent experiences using Twitter in the classroom. The first post, "14 Days of Twitter Part One: I Hate Twitter", is here:

Reaction 1: “Ah. I Get It.”

“Haha I'm using twhirl now this is sweet!” Day 11 from “T”

“now..I like Twitter....☺” Day 14 from “J”

“Isn't it amazing?? we can access to internet on the street and se can know what your friends are doing by twitter.” Day 8 from “G”

“I think I arleady addicted to Twitter...Is there any tool to contact to twitter not mobile phone???” Day 9 from “J”

“I'm write tweet using iPhone. It's really cool Mobile 2.0 Day 2 from “N”

“I am using Twhirl now. it is so convenient to tweet. I would recommend you to use this fancy tool :)” Day 3 from “N”
Reaction 2: Help Me, Please!
“interviewing with IBM next Thursday...any tips specific to the company? Day 3 from “X”

“2 use twitter on iPhone, just download twitterrific from the app store 4 free” Day 6 from “F”

“When Twitter and mobile are combined into one thing it creates a huge power. How cool the fastest tools are combined!” Day 3 from “N”
Reaction 3: Less is More
“I think twitter is effective way to let people know about their policies or ideas cause it is just one sentence” Day 2 from “G”

“The mobile can be the fastest tool to conversation within 140 characters with each other eventhough they are so far apart” Day 3 from “N”

“I agree with all of regarding being more efficient and concise when using tools like twitter. Its a great talent to pick-up !” Day 5 from “F”

“Microblogging on Twitter can be a useful training to write shorter posts and be concise. Which seems to be the key to success.” Day 10 from “L”

“Microblogging is a efficient means to discuss the politic through a simple procedure 140 characters in length like Twitter.” Day 9 from “N”
Reaction 4: This is Fun!
“My group used twitter to set up our group meeting yesterday. Go Virtual Team SKiD!” Day 12 from “Y”

“Good morning :) It is hard for me to tweet via mobile phone. Thats because I hunt and peck at the keys:(“ Day 4 from “N”

“Twitter is easy to use.I like the links.People are actually sharing content,even if they still feel like u should know what they're eating.” Day 13 from “N”

“Listen to the Twitter Song and dance silently to it! Day 8 from “N”

“I'm tweeting and brushing my teeth at the same time. The future!?” Day 12 from “Y”
Next Time

As they say, there is always next time. I plan to make the following changes:
  1. Fun is Fun: The students really like the social side of Twitter. I'll use Twitter next time as one of the tools to build the culture of openness and to create closeness among students. I required 3 tweets per day and 4 @replies during the two week period. The tweets were required to be related to the weekly reading topics. (As a graded assignment, I have to have some quantitative requirements.) Next time, I'll let them bond by using Twitter the way most people do -- a mix of social and professional tweets.

  2. Start Early: This assignment took place about 2/3 of the way through the course. Twitter has huge value as a way for students to get to know each other. Next time, I'll introduce it much earlier. I may make it an assignment early in the semester and encourage students to keep using it so they find their own uses for it.

  3. @Reply Rocks: I was interested to discover that students used @replies liberally. This surprised me since student's are reluctant to comment on blog posts. Students prefer to write a blog post versus writing a comment. The behavior was opposite with twitter -- student prefer to @reply over writing a new tweet. Next time, I'll count all tweets as equals for grading. I may even weight @reply more heavily to encourage even more interaction between students.
What's missing from this list? What other ideas do you have for me for using Twitter next time?

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